Detachment Process


The Liberating Touch Detachment Process fuses Love with inquiry, visualisation, meditation and energy medicine so that you can detach with ease to whatever controls you or holds you back.

This process has been developed especially for those of you that feel stuck and feel unable to move into your power, unable to express your potential or simply unhappy with any aspect of your life. These stuck or trapped thoughts could be attributed to conditioned behaviour patterns, outmoded identifications, critical and negative perceptions of the world or self, addictions, stressful relationships, illness, disappointment or difficult working conditions.

Detachment can also be thought of as non-attachment. Non-attachment is when the mind and the senses are not affected by external circumstances, situations, desires and people. It allows us to maintain balance even in the most challenging of situations. The mind covers the true Self; therefore, the mind can be described as a veil. It is a veil of ignorance, for it hides your true Self and keeps you unaware of its magnificent presence within you. But, the mind itself is tied down by the sense organs, attitudes, desires, and stories about the phenomenal world, and is bound by these. Therefore, one of the first steps in knowing your true Self and accessing its power is to master the mind and practise detachment.


Just as removing the firewood from the fire automatically extinguishes the flame, removing the energetic links that bind the mind to objects, habits and beliefs automatically frees us from constantly resisting. The wisdom teachings of the East have stressed in a most forceful way that only the person who does not care for anything less than full realisation of the Supreme Self, is a person of true renunciation. Neither objects of the world nor even the promise of a heavenly existence could sway him from his one-pointed focus.

The LiberatingTouch® detachment process creates an amazing healing space for the mind so that we can detach from our stories, attitudes and addictions to reveal the Self and experience the clarity that comes from constant integrated awareness. Detachment is the secret to Liberation and Self-Realisation.