Success Story

My depression story

When I first met Maria it was in April 2013, that time I was in total darkness, I had no interest in anything, any light duties such as going shopping or to the bank seemed very challenging to me. I even had no intention to live, and I could not describe what it felt like, apart from that, it was so strange that I felt my soul had left me. For many years my husband did not realise how serious it was, until I could not get out of bed anymore, I did not eat or drink anything. He was so panicked that he thought professional help was needed immediately. That is how we met Maria.

I felt I was not totally alone when I worked under Maria’s guidance to fight with this dreadful disease. Maria was very patient, kind and professional. My very first session was talking to her while she touched my energy field to let the energy flow. For me this was sunshine coming into my world, I started to feel really relaxed; at the back of my mind I felt there was someone there to share my issues. Someone who cared that I could open up and talk to.

As I opened up to Maria we discovered there were lots of traumas that happened in my childhood, these traumas sucked all the hope, joy and purpose in life. I was so lonely and negative about everything, always feared worst things would happen to me, I will die suddenly and people I love will die horribly.

I was a ‘right piece of work’ (laugh) for my therapist Maria, she started to peal the layers and layers of pain and suffering in my past. She used this amazing technique called EFT, also Matrix Reimprinting and Detachment Process to solve the issues one by one. I got much better each session, I started to see the light in my life, and I can feel hope, love and dreams in life. As I recovered from depression, my life had a new starting point.

I am so grateful God sent Maria to bring this light of life to help me walk through the endless dark tunnel, when I finally walked out from that dark tunnel, I felt the world was so beautiful, I felt so lucky to live in this world every second, through my hard times I discovered writing and attended 2 London Book Fairs, through depression I found my self.

Thank you so much Maria.

Yubin Liu (Writer)